I'm a software engineer based in London, England. I graduated in 2001 and have been working with web technology professionally since then.

I founded Helicoid as a limited company in 2006. I've built 5 commercial Ruby on Rails web applications for Helicoid. Each web app I build has a mobile interface, API, and some even have iPhone and Mac clients.


I've written for: Net Magazine,, Think Vitamin, and

Other Projects

  • JsChat is a real time chat protocol with both console and web clients
  • Ico is an open source JavaScript graph library
  • TweetFu tracks trends on Twitter
  • My GitHub page has more open source projects I've created


If you'd like consultation on a strong Ruby on Rails project, please drop me a line using my contact form.

If You Know Me...

If you're an old friend and you're wondering why my site talks a lot about rails, ruby and git — don't worry, it's just technical stuff. You can get in touch with my contact form and things will become clearer once we've caught up.